Jang Jin Young X The Barberettes ; Stranger’s Love [English Translation + Hangul Lyrics]

آهنگی که هرچی گوشش بدی بازم سیر نمیشی!
Blessed with vocals!!!MV

kpop secret

English Translation

Stranger’s Love

Hurt is engraved on my heart
The black tears hanging from my eyes
Have dried up again
The same old lie was repeated once more
Even deeper, Last night under lights
You left me in the end

My scent grows deeper and fills the white air
Yesterday’s tomorrow is suffocating
Please empty me again
You are a phone number to be erased
Hold me tight with your drunk arms
Go back and save me
Now leave me

Don’t look for me again (Stranger’s Love)
I feel so drained
My broken heart (Stranger’s Love)
Doesn’t want you anymore

Your hands, your lips and your expressions that day
I’ve got rid of them all
You are to be erased, torn up and forgotten by me
You are last night

The distancing darkness and the sunlight behind the curtain
Made me forget yesterday, In my (old) dream
I have…

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